Best Online Poker Tips

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Ever since one of the most popular casino games hit the internet, people become obsessed with online poker. There are over 100 million of poker players all around the world, and you can be one of them. Care to learn a bit or two about poker and get some really good online poker tips? Then stick with us.

How to Play Online Poker

First of all, you will need to have a stable internet connection and a device you are going to use. So, almost anyone who owns a computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone can play online poker.

Just like standard live poker, online poker has the same rules. However, what differentiates the two is the fact that in order to play the latter you will have to do it online.

In fact, you will have to go to the best poker sites (or download apps) you can find and start playing.

So, speaking of devices and software, some players prefer to download and install the software available at the best poker sites.

Best Online Poker Tips

Anyhow, you can still choose to play directly on the operator’s website, but in some cases, the downloadable versions offer much more. Of course, there will be some limitations regarding online poker.

For starters, in some countries and states, it is still illegal to play online poker. Just like the residents of New York can’t wait for the first legal online NY poker.

Plus, the player has to be of legal age in order to play poker online. All of it comes down to creating a user account. In addition, even some of the best poker sites will ask you to add a payment method when creating an account.

This usually means that the personal details from the card (e-wallet, account, etc) have to correspond to your own personal details. In other words, it has to be yours.

Most of the best poker sites will accept all the common methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, etc. And, sometimes you can expect even some additional payment options for depositing and withdrawing.

Online Poker Rules

To start, there are so many variants of poker available online and all of them have their specific rules and betting policies.

Often, poker variants will vary in the number of cards which are dealt, cards which are available and hidden.

Also, they can depend on the number of betting rounds available and followed betting procedures. Once the showdown happens the player with the hand that has the best ranking will win.

In addition, “showdown” is a term in poker denoting the act when all the players show their cards.

On the other hand, if the players didn’t reach the showdown and someone call the last uncalled bet, that player will be the winner.

Players who would like to know the rules of a certain online poker game should look it up on the operator’s website. More online poker tips will be available in the following text.

Online Poker Tips and Strategies

Online Poker Card Dealing

In online poker, card dealing is a process that has its flow determined by some rules. Firstly, when the cards are dealt, everyone at the table will take their turn and perform an action.

There are several actions, but the players can only take one action per turn.

They can bet, check, call, fold, or raise during one turn, so here are the rules about these actions:

  • A player can bet in one turn only if there are no other bets in that turn.
  • And, If there are no bets in the ongoing round the player can check. In case all the players check that round has become finished.
  • If there are bets made during one round and someone calls that means that the player has to offer cards to match the highest bet.
  • Fold means that the player will give away the cards in his/her hands and pause until the next round begins.
  • Lastly, a player can raise in case there are other bets in the round. It also means that the player needs to have cards to match the biggest bet. Afterward, the same player will have to make a bet.

Online Poker Betting Rounds

Here’s where it gets a little complicated.

When betting happens in a round, it will last until all the players either fold or match the bet.

In case none of it happens, the round is finished when all the players check.

The following can happen - either the next round begins or the hand is over. After the last betting round, the aforementioned showdown begins.

Online Poker Hand Rankings

Hand rankings depend on the combination of cards a player has. Needless to say that there are 5 cards in one round in a game of poker.

To have a Royal flush, a poker player has to own all the cards in sequence. Additionally, the cards have to be of the same color and the same symbol (suit).

The best possible outcome (Royal Flush) is when a straight flush happens and the player has an ace for a high card. So, when it comes to a straight flush, the winner is the one who owns the highest top card.

The next in line is four-of-a-kind. The player has to have quads (4 cards of the same rank).

The winning combination is the one with the highest rank. Furthermore, if there are more identical combinations the winner is the player who owns a higher side card.

If the player has 3 cards of the same rank and 2 of a different rank, he has a full house.

The higher three of a kind will win in case there is more than one full house. And, if once again the cards are the same, the highest pair will win. Owning 5 same suit cards means the player has a flush.

Likewise, 5 cards in a row with an ace, high or low, means that the player has straight.

Further, one can have 3 cards of the same rank in poker and it is called three-of-a-kind or trips. What’s left are two-pair, one-pair and no-pair card combinations.

Two pair is when the player has 2 cards of the same rank along with 2 cards of a different rank. Logically, one pair is the combination when the player owns 2 cards of the same rank.

Poker Strategies

Online Poker Variations

Different operators will offer different online poker variants.

But let’s see which are the most popular variants available at the best poker sites:

  • No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
  • 5 Card Draw
  • Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Pot-Limit Omaha
  • Short Deck Hold’em
  • 7 Card Stud

Online Poker Tournaments

There’s a lot of hype surrounding both live and online poker tournaments. In such poker events, the player should pay for the chips and buy-in.

The game is over for the player when he or she loses all the chips. Whereas, the person with all the chips at the end is the winner.

So, why is this variant so popular?

The main reason is that players can win a lot of money and invest smaller amounts.

For example, by paying no more than a dozen dollars for a buy-in one will get a chance to win thousands!

Correspondingly, with a bigger deposit, the price value grows. Precisely because poker tournaments are so popular, there are many players attending them during the weekends.

This leads to the increased popularity of online poker tournaments on some of the best poker sites.

All of this because there is no limit to the number of participants. Some of the well-known poker tournaments around the world are World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker.

Also, PokerStars Sunday Million is a popular weekly poker tournament.

There, you can get $1,000,000 by paying no more than a hundred dollars. Hopefully, Newyorkers will have the opportunity to play NY Poker tournaments too, and soon.

Sit and Go Poker

These peculiar poker tournaments are less massive one table tournaments where the game starts when all of the players sit down.

Just like with live poker, online poker sit and go has the same rules. However, the online version is much faster and the players can join new games almost any time.

Also, here are more important online poker tips related to this poker variant- the winnings will be much lower.

There is also a jackpot version of sit and go, and here you will have 3 or 4 hands. What is interesting about this is that the prize is multiplied at the beginning.

Cash Games

If you want to play this type of online poker you will have to pay a specific amount of money for the buy-in.

You will get a certain number of chips which are a real-money equivalent. As for the rules regarding the number of players, there is a limit to a minimum and a maximum number.

In addition, there will also be a minimum and maximum buy-ins. Normally, it will depend on the blinds and the number of chips on the table.

The average playtime of this kind of online poker can range from a few minutes to many hours. However, the players can cash out at any time.

Online Poker Strategies

All poker enthusiasts, even NY poker fans where it is still illegal to play online, can tell you how entertaining poker is.

The more online poker tips you know and the more skills you acquire, the better it will get.

Thankfully, nowadays there are innumerous ways to learn all the offline or online poker tips and practice becoming a good poker player.

So, if you are a citizen of New York, you can learn even if you cannot play NY poker yet.

Prepare some good poker strategies for the day when online NY poker finally becomes legal.

One should look for online poker tips for strategies depending on their level of expertise.

Finding an article or a course that will help you learn some great online poker strategies is one possibility.

And to be honest, you will be able to find tons of online poker tips on the internet. For the ones who don’t like learning in the digital world, there are always books available to learn more poker strategies.

You can find or borrow them from someone or you can buy the top-rated poker books and start learning today.

Here are some other things you should need in order to step up your poker strategies game today:

  • Poker Odds Calculator
  • Which Hand Wins Calculator
  • Poker Hand Rankings
  • Training sites
  • Video Poker Strategies

Poker Odds Calculator

No matter if you are a beginner or if you have some experience, using a poker odds calculator is a smart move.

When uncertainty strikes, and you don’t know whether you hand has good odds or not, ask the calculator.

This kind of software will calculate the probability of winning the hand in percentage.

Which Hand Wins Calculator

If the players are confused about the outcome of hands, this calculator will solve the problem. The Which Hand Wins Calculator will tell you which is the winning hand and each player’s final hand.

Poker Hand Rankings

Learn how online poker hands are ranked and how they change from one variant to another. The players will be able to find official lists with hand rankings on different websites. These lists could come in handy while you are playing, so don’t miss out.

Training Sites

Nevertheless, if free options are not satisfying for you, you can always look for online training sites. Some of them can be quite expensive. However, they also offer tons of information about playing poker, online poker strategies and how to implement them.

Video Poker Strategies

Then again, if you prefer to listen and watch videos you can follow some famous poker professionals and learn that way. Provided that you find someone who is committed to posting videos, you can always count on the update on new techniques. You will be able to boost your poker playing skills just in time - before the first NY poker operator goes live.

How to Pick a Poker Table

In case you are a beginner at online poker, this is one tip you cannot miss. Apart from all the rules, it is highly beneficial to know all the other little tricks.

For example, one of the greatest online poker tips is to check the table before joining.

Winning a game of poker is not at all that easy. In order to start off with the odds in your favor, you will need to check the statistics of any table.

Joining a table where there are players mean that you can learn a bit about that table before choosing to play.

The information you need to pay attention to are:

  • Players/Flop
  • Average Pot

The first one indicates the ratio between the number of players and the number of those who see the flop. Basically, if we are speaking in numbers, the flop needs to get as high as possible.

The second one, the average pot, shows an average bet in a particular game of poker.

These statistics could show if the player is going to place a bet or not. And again, the average pot should be as high as possible.

Online Poker Apps

Choosing the right online poker app plays a great role in how you experience online poker.

Indeed, there are a lot of amazing online poker apps available for your tablets and phones.

Playing on the go has definitely become a thing of today. And what’s more, you will probably find your favorites for platforms such as Android and iOS.

Need online poker tips about how to find the best poker app? First of all, you should know that you will be able to download apps from the Google Play Store and the AppStore.

But you might not be able to play the casino games, especially online NY poker as it is illegal. If the app is optimized for a specific region, you will be stopped as soon as you try to create an account.

Secondly, if you are hunting for specific variants of online poker, you should double-check if the app in question offer those. In some cases, the launched app won’t have the same game collection as the website.

After all, some of the best poker sites offer massive game collections. So, if your favorite operator doesn’t offer and app, you will probably be able to play using your phone’s browser.

Most of the best poker sites are mobile-friendly, so you will probably be able to sign-in or sign-up. Finally, players who are interested in getting bonuses and promos might find some app-specific ones.

Usually, the operators will offer special promotions for app users, and all of it should soon be available to NY poker players.

Make sure that you read all the T&C before opting for any promotion. Some promos have their own T&C you will have to adhere to in order to get the prize or bonus.

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