Buffalo Bills: 2020 Season Tips

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The Buffalo Bills are one of the professional football teams in New York and they are part of the AFC East Division. This NFL team has their home field at New Era Field and they are actually the only NY football team that plays home games within the state. The Bills have not had much success in the league over the years and actually held the record for the longest playoff drought in all North American sports. The team had not seen playoff action from 1999 until 2017. The last time the Bills won any type of championship was in 1995 when they won the AFC East.

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Even though the team does not possess a winning record, it is still a team that is favored by NY fans and with many rivals in the NFL, Bills games are often packed with action and excitement, making them great games for those that like to wager on sports.

NFL Online Wagering

Making money from NFL bets is not as simple as it sounds and many bettors will make common mistakes along the way. With football betting, there are many types of bets that can be placed and one will have to be aware of these as well as the odds that come along with those bets. Many online sports betting sites will offer great tutorials that can assist any new bettor when they begin and here, we offer some great NFL betting tips that can help those looking to begin wagering on the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are a top choice for NY football fans and with many sites offering a chance to generate massive payouts, it is important to pick up some tips to have a successful betting session.

In order to come out ahead when betting on the NFL season, one will have to be successful with 52.4% of the bets placed. This is not an easy thing to do, so money management is a key aspect of betting. Bettors need to set aside an amount they can afford to lose. One common mistake is increasing bets as one starts winning, hoping to chase losses. This should always be avoided as it can quickly diminish the bankroll.

It is also important to find edges and bet on those. Buffalo Bills fans may be eager to bet on every game, but this is not always the best way to go about things. Sometimes, the odds just aren’t in favor of the bettor, so it will be okay to skip a week or two if the Bills are performing poorly. For those who are betting online, shopping around will be beneficial as this will allow one to find the sites that offer the best lines. With these simple tips, anyone can start enjoying Bills betting action and will have better chances at receiving payouts.

Betting Options for NY Residents

NY sports lovers are always looking for ways to enjoy the sport in addition to watching games, so sports betting has become quite popular. For those that are seeking betting action on the Bills, they will have to head to land based casinos in New Jersey or access online sportsbooks that are operating offshore. At this time, New York has not legalized any form of sports betting outside of horse racing, so NFL bets are not allowed within the state.
However, there are some exceptional online betting sites that offer great odds and betting types for football games and this is where Bills fans will head when they wish to place wagers. Despite non-winning seasons and dismal records, the Buffalo Bills still attract many fans in NY and are a favored team in the NFL.

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