Caesars Casino Payment Options in NY 2020

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New York has not yet regulated its online casino industry, but we expect that Caesars Casino will soon be operating in NY online and via the Android or iOS app once they do. In anticipation, what kind of Casar payment options can we expect?

The Range of Payment Methods We Expect

While we can’t speak for the company, we imagine that the payment options will be the same as the company offers in other U.S. states. And whereas we would say that there aren’t as many Caesars payment methods as other casinos, making a deposit and withdrawing your winnings is still fairly easy.

We’ve listed each of the payment options below, along with brief instructions on how to use each one. You’re always able to choose the option that works best for you and to use a different method each time you make a deposit. Know that there may be different rules as payments are concerned if you choose to accept a Caesars Casino bonus code.

What are the Caesars Payment Methods?

The Caesars payment methods include:

  • Cash deposits at a Caesars location,
  • ACH bank transfer,
  • Visa,
  • Caesars Casino Prepaid Card,
  • PayPal,
  • PayNearMe, or
  • Neteller.

Many of these payment methods should be allowable on a Caesars Casino app as well.

Cash Deposits - Cage or PayNearMe

Though probably the least used payment method, you can deposit cash at the cage at any Caesars physical site. If you happen to be visiting the casino to take advantage of the other perks available with your account, you can consider making a deposit to play with online later.

If you’re not heading to the casino, you can probably stop at a 7-11 or other location that offers PayNearMe service. Pay in cash at any location, and the money will be ready to use in your Caesars account.

ACH Bank Transfer

You can write an e-check for funds to transfer from your bank account to your gaming pool. You can also schedule a transfer of funds by logging into your online banking account. Log into the Caesars site or app and click “Deposit” to get started.


Probably the easiest of the Caesars payment options is making a deposit via your Visa credit or debit card. Once you register an account with Caesars, simply click “Deposit” to select this method.

Neteller and Prepaid Caesars Casino Card

The advantage to both of these payment methods is that you’ll also receive a physical card that you can use anywhere that takes Discover. You can fund both options from your bank account.


This is another very convenient payment method if you use PayPal already. You can send the balance from your PayPal account to your Caesars account. Fund your PayPal account from a variety of sources and choose how much of that balance you want to play with any time. PayPal doesn’t draw from your bank account unless you dip below the balance currently in your PayPal account.

How to Withdraw from Caesars Casino

Again, the Caesars payment options for sending money back to you are incredibly easy. They include many of the same methods you would use to make a deposit:

  • ACH,
  • Caesars Casino Prepaid Card,
  • Neteller,
  • PayPal, or
  • Cash at Cage.

Note that to use some of these methods for withdrawal, you’ll need an account or an existing card. You also cannot use PayPal as a withdrawal method if you haven’t first used it as a deposit method.

When you choose one of these Caesars payment methods, the amount you choose to withdraw will transfer into your bank account, Neteller account, or PayPal account, respectively. You may also choose to increase the balance on your prepaid card if you have one. Again, the advantage of doing so is that you can then use the card as a regular Discover card.

If you’d rather receive cash, you’ll need to visit a Caesars Casino to collect.

Choose any of these options by logging in to via the desktop site or the app, and choose “Cashier.”

We hope the information shared in this article has been helpful to you. You now know what your payment options are once the Caesars NY website goes live.

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