NY Mets Tips: 2020 Season

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New York is home to two professional baseball teams. Where the Yankees compete in the American League, the NY Mets are part of the National League of the MLB.

Photo credit: Mike Roberts NYC on VisualHunt.com / CC BY

The team was one of the first expansion teams ever in the league and it was established in 1962, replacing the other NL teams that were once in NY, the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants.

In 1964, Shea Stadium became the home of the Mets and this lasted until 2009 when a new ballpark was constructed. Now, all Mets home games are played at Citi Field.

While the Mets have not had huge success and have not been World Series winners, they are still a favorite team for New York baseball fans. The team made it to the playoffs in 2015, which was the first time in 9 years and they won their first NL pennant after a 15 year dry streak.

They returned to the playoffs the following year. Despite an overall record of 4362-4732 in team history, the Mets are still a popular choice for those that like to wager on baseball games during the season.

Tips for Betting on the Mets

There are many opportunities to place wagers on the Mets and win payouts and with some basic tips, anyone can start betting and will have a great chance to collect some rewards. One of the key tips for any bettor is to avoid the big favorites in a game. Favorite teams are usually priced higher than the other teams, which means that when they win, the payouts will be smaller.

It will also be beneficial to focus on Divisional dogs. Teams within a division will play each other 19 different times during the season, which will benefit the dog.

Knowing stats of the team and individual players will also be advantageous to serious bettors. Most sports bettors will follow their favorite team closely and will know how they are performing. Many factors can influence a game, including the scheduled umpires and even the weather. So, it will be important to collect as much data on an upcoming game as possible, including any injured players, player performances in past games and overall wins and losses for the team.

Various Supported Baseball Bets

New York is one state that is still contemplating legalizing sports betting and at this time, there are no casinos or racetracks that support bets on baseball. The state also lacks the ability to provide any online sports betting, but there are options for those that do wish to wager.

With hundreds of online betting sites, NY baseball fans are free to place bets on the Mets online and they can also visit one of the land-based casinos in New Jersey to place live bets on the team.

When it comes to betting on baseball, there are a number of amazing options and these can all yield some impressive payouts. The most popular bets that are placed on the Mets and other baseball teams are Money Line wagers.

These are the most basic bet offered and will have bettors simply wagering on which team in a game will be the winner. They are straightforward bets that offer decent returns, but bettors won’t receive the huge payouts as they would if they were to place other types of bets.

Over/Under bets are also quite popular with baseball. A bookmaker will set a total for the number of runs that will be scored in any game that is played. With these bets, one will be betting on whether the total runs will be over or under that amount. They will not be betting on an individual team as they would with a Money Line Bet.

Each betting site that offers MLB betting will also have other great options like Run Lines, Proposition bets, Parlays and more, so there are many great ways to place wagers and support the Mets during the pre, regular, and post-season.

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