Safest Online Casino Games

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So, those preparing for online casinos in NY are probably wondering about the safest online casino games. Well, lucky for you, it is very easy to learn about online casino games. And, you can learn how to use the odds to your favor in this casino games guide!

Online Casino Games in New York

So, as of right now, online casino games are still illegal in New York. And, online sports betting is also illegal. But, a recent bill has been introduced that would change the definition of online poker from a game of chance to a game of skill.


New York State law explicitly states “a person engages in gambling when he or she stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under his or her control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that he or she will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome.”

So, this effectively outlaws online sports betting and online casino games.

It is important to note that in order for New York to have an expansion of gambling regulations, the state requires an amendment first. Plus, the state needs approval from two consecutive legislatures. Then, it will go to a vote for the residents of New York state.

However, with New York state now allowing retail sportsbooks to open at casino locations, the laws are changing. So, we can hope for the legalization of online casinos soon in the state. And, we can also hope for the legalization of online poker.

Casino Games with the Best Odds

Now, when you’re looking for the best casino games odds, you will need to check out a few factors. The level of skill that the game requires is especially important. And, it is important to note your own level of skill.

Most of the time, table games will have the best casino games odds. But, each table game has its own list of odds. And, you will want to make sure you understand the rules for each game.

Also, it can be easier to pick up some games by playing than others. For instance, Blackjack is fairly easy to learn by playing. But, it is recommended to try poker with friends first before placing any money down in a professional setting. Here is a list of some of the casino games with the best odds.


Blackjack is a seminal game offered at pretty much every casino. In Blackjack, a player will be dealt two cards to start. The player wants to get as close to 21 with the cards in their hand without going over, or busting.

A nice part about Blackjack is that it really only gives the dealer, who is playing against the table, a 1% advantage. Which, is a comparatively small advantage. So, Blackjack probably has the best casino games odds of any casino game that you may find.

All things considered, your odds of winning are probably around 44% - 48%, which is pretty high for a casino game.


Craps, a dice game, is also one of the safest online casino games. Though the odds of winning are not as high as with Blackjack, they are still fairly high. The odds of winning at Craps are nearly fifty-fifty. When it comes down to it, you will really just be betting on a dice roll. So, it is a fairly easy game to pick up for newer players.


Roulette is a very interesting game of chance. When playing roulette, you have the option to bet on colors, red or black. Or, you can bet on odd or even numbers. Both of these choices will give you around a 50% chance of winning.

But, you can win a bigger payout if you bet your money on an exact number to win. However, choosing this option will lower your odds of winning to just one in thirty-six. Yet, this means that the payout will also be thirty-six to one, which is a great profit.


A list of the best casino games is not complete without poker. Poker is very much a game of skill, but it does have some game of luck aspects. So, you should be very aware of your own poker skill level when looking at casino games odds for poker. Also, the size of the poker game can affect the odds greatly.

So, poker can be seen as one of the safest online casino games as well as one of the least safe. This is because of the variety of factors that play into your own odds of winning poker.

However, if you are an experienced player who is confident in your skill, the odds are better for you. Just be aware, online poker has many players who are both highly skilled and experienced.

It is very important to note that the odds of winning any of these games are subjective. And, most casino games have odds that are in the house’s favor. Plus, your own experience and skill level can impact the odds that you have of winning.

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Casino Games with the Worst Odds

Now, you have learned about the best casino games odds. These are the safest online casino games if you are hoping to keep your money! However, there are a lot more casino games out there.

So, many casino games will have different odds for winning for different players. This is because the odds of winning can depend on the level of experience and skill of the player. But, many games of chance are the hardest to win at of all.

Here is a list of the casino games with the worst odds:


Slots, the seminal game of chance! When playing slots, you do not need to be particularly skilled or experienced. This is because the game itself is pretty random. And, it does not require a lot of input from the player.

So, your skill level can be on the lower side of things. And the stakes are on the lower side as well. But, that means the odds of winning are also on the lower side. The house has about a 2% - 15% edge when it comes to slots.

However, keep in mind, if you choose the maximum bet amount that you are able to, your odds of winning improve. But, that also means you stand to lose more money. Games of chance like slots do not depend on a player’s skill. So, all players have the same odds to win or lose.

Wheel of Fortune

Another game of chance, Wheel of Fortune also has the worst odds of paying out to players. Wheel of Fortune functions pretty much as a slots game. So, it stands to reason that it also has poor chances of paying out.

It is pretty apparent that when casino games do not have a skill component, the odds of winning go down. So, even though every playing has the same odds of winning regardless of experience, they are low all around. That means that these particular games of chance have the same odds of paying out for everyone.

How to Choose the Perfect Casino Game

So, now you have learned which casino games have the worst odds. And, you have learned which casino games have the best odds. Now, it is time to figure out which casino game is the best for you.


When choosing the best casino games for yourself, you first must examine your own experience. For a game like poker, if you have not played it before, it is best to start in a casual setting with friends. For a game like Blackjack, it is easier to pick up, first you would learn the basic rules. Then, you could learn by playing.

Skill Level

When looking for the safest online casino games for yourself, you will next want to look at your own skill level. So, say you have already played poker or blackjack before. Are you good? Do you tend to win hands? That should help you figure out if you should be putting money behind your own skill set.

Game Size

Now, this can vary depending on the game and where you are playing. But, whether online or in person, the size of the game matters. The greater the size of the game, the greater chance there will be a better player than you. So, you will increase your chances of losing with a larger casino game.

Skill Level of the Other Players

Now, similarly to game size, this depends on the players around you. So, if you are only a beginner poker player, you should not join an expert level game of poker. Some tables or online games are labeled to let you know which tables or games are for the more experienced players.

Casino Bonuses

This tip applies mainly to online casino games. Some online casinos will have casino bonuses offered for certain games. These can be free spins or a certain amount of free bonus cash to use on the game. You should check out the online casino of your choice to see if there are any bonuses offered.

Wagering Requirements

Now, in order to play certain games both online and at a casino, you will need to pay a certain amount. So, depending on your skill level and experience, you should choose a game and amount that makes sense to you.

That means you should only play games that have a wagering requirement that you are comfortable with and can afford.


Of course, you should check above to see the casino games odds that are the best and the worst. Then, you can find the safest online casino games for you to play. Remember, the games with the best odds do tend to be table games. So, that is a great place to check out first.

Now, you will always be the best judge of the best casino games for yourself. But, it does always help to look at things like experience and casino games odds. These will help you choose the safest online casino games for you to play.

Free Casino Games

Now, something that online casinos can offer that retail casinos can’t is free casino games. Because New York does not allow real money online gambling yet, only free online casino games are permitted in the state. And, lucky for you, many trusted casino brands have free casino games.

So, trusted casino brands like Caesars for example have free online casino games. And, real money online casino games are not allowed in New York state. This means that the only types of online casino games that you can play legally in New York are the free casino games.

Typically, you can go to a website like Caesars to see their free casino games options. And, even websites that allow real money online casino games will usually have free options. So, if a site has launched a real money online casino, chances are it has free casino games available too.

Land-based Casino Games vs Online Casino Games

Now, when talking about the safest online casino games, we should also look at land-based casino games. The best casino games online may not be the same as in a land-based casino. And the opposite is true as well.

The benefit of playing casino games online is that you can play from the comfort of your own home. However, that also means you miss out on the excitement of playing in a land-based casino. So, both have their benefits depending on the type of experience you are looking for.

Online, many websites have tutorials that help you learn how to play various casino games. So, you can learn at your own pace. This is not the norm for land-based casinos. Unless you are attending a particularly slow day, it is not as easy to learn as you go at casino tables. However, you may get lucky.

Here is a quick table going over the pros and cons of both land-based and online casino games:

Land-Based CasinosOnline Casinos
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Excitement of playing live with other players Harder to learn as you go Miss out on the experience of being with other players Can play at own pace
Dealer can help you learn the game Not a lot of time to learn from the dealer Many sites have tutorials to help you learn the game Not usually able to ask any questions
Wide variety of games to choose from Limited to what the casino has Can find pretty much any casino game you want No interaction with slot machines

So, as you can see most of the cons about online casinos are because you miss out on the human interaction. Both are great choices if you want to play casino games. But, both offer very different experiences.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Site

When choosing the safest online casino games, you will want to choose the safest casino website. And, that is not too hard to do. So, you can play your casino games without worry!

A great tip for choosing the safest and best casino site is to go with a brand you know. A company like Caesars is very trusted by casino fans worldwide. So, it is a safe bet that their website will be especially safe and well programed.

If ever you do not recognize a casino brand or website, do your research. Many new names are coming up now that online casino games are becoming legal in the United States. So, you may just find a new site to use!

Safest Online Casino Games Conclusion

So, you should now know how to find the safest online casino games around. First, you should consider your experience and skill level when choosing the game for you. Then, you should consider the casino games odds for you to win.

And, you now know the games with the best odds to pay out. That means that you should be able to figure out which game aligns with your skill level. Then, you can compare the odds to see which one you should choose.

Also, you should now know about free online casino games. So, if you do not wish to spend money while you learn how to play casino games, you don’t have to. This means that you should have all the tools to find the safest online casino games.

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