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New York is likely just weeks away from offering sports betting, making it so that the Tioga Downs and the three casinos located in the state may be ready to offer sports wagers in time for the upcoming NFL and college football seasons.

In early June, the New York Gaming Commission officially approved regulations that would allow for sports betting. That cleared any legal hurdle to make this a reality.

This opened the door for Tioga Downs Sportsbook NY / New York to be able to receive a license from the state to accept wagers on sporting events, something that is expected to occur during the summer when the Tioga Downs Betting Markets will be open for business.

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Will there be a Welcome offer?

Almost immediately after the regulations were approved, Tioga Downs Sportsbook Casino and Fanduel worked together quickly to apply for one of the gaming licenses that will allow them to offer sports betting.

The Tioga Downs Sportsbook is in the works, as the facility already has an agreement with one of the largest online sportsbooks in the country through an agreement their affiliate in New Jersey has with Fanduel.

It is expected that those who opt to use the sportsbook will receive welcome offers to sign up with the resort casino’s online app.

Not much information has been provided for Tioga Downs Online Sports betting 2019, but since Tioga Downs has partnered with Fanduel, it is expected that the welcome offers that Tioga Downs provides will be accessible to new customers for the Tioga Downs Sportsbook as well.

This should include the opportunity to win up to $500 in the risk-free betting markets. Also included at Tioga Downs Resort & Casino are likely to be such things as multisport parlay insurance and special offers for those wanting to wager on the NBA and NHL.

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Tioga Downs partners with Fanduel

Tioga Downs Sportsbook has partnered with Fanduel to provide their online sports wagering. The Fanduel Sportsbook has been available since 2009 and has become one of the largest fantasy sports companies in the world. This enabled them to easily move into the sports betting in New York 2019, especially after it became legal in the United States.

This partnership has provided Tioga Downs Sportsbook with a well-established company to offer sports wagering to customers. In addition, as Fanduel has already been working with the Tioga Downs Resort & Casino affiliate in New Jersey, this seemed like a logical partnership.

What does the Tioga Downs Sportsbook offer?

The Tioga Downs Sportsbook will offer customers the same things that customers in New Jersey receive from its site. This will include the ability to bet on sporting events, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB, as well as horseracing, NASCAR, and other major sporting events.

College football and basketball will be included. It will be an open opportunity for anyone looking to bet on a variety of college and professional sports.

There will be requirements to use Tioga Downs Sportsbook NY / New York, however. To be able to use the Tioga Downs Sportsbook through Fanduel, a person will have to be a New York resident and be physically in the state at the time they place a wager.

This is the law in New Jersey, where a person must be a New Jersey resident and be in New Jersey when they place a wager and will be the same for those making bets in New York.

Now that sports betting in New York 2019 is a reality, the Tioga Downs Sportsbook will offer a variety of sports bets for customers to make. This will include but not be limited to:

  • Parlays
  • Prop bets
  • Straight bets
  • Betting on the moneyline
  • Exchange wagering
  • Over/under bets (betting on the total)
  • Pools

When will the Tioga Downs Sportsbook go live?

An exact date has not been set for when the Tioga Downs Sportsbook will go live. However, there are a few things that are known at this point. First, the brand has applied for a license for sports betting in New York 2019 and are expected that they will be approved.

It is just a matter of when that approval will be finalized to authorize them to offer sports betting in New York 2019. In addition, many within the state are expecting the licensure to be approved so Tioga Downs Online Sports betting 2019 is available before the upcoming college and professional football seasons get underway.

No one seems to believe that it will take longer than a couple of months at most before the license is approved. Since the New York gaming commission approved sports wagering on June 10, the expectation is that the Tioga Downs Sportsbook Casino and Fanduel partnership on offering sports wagering will be available to consumers by early August at the latest.

This gives at least a month before the upcoming NFL season gets underway. One important note is that since the Fanduel Online Sportsbook will be working with Tioga Downs on the venture, that once the licenses approved it will literally be seconds before the site is active for New York residents.

Customers will be able to download the mobile betting app almost immediately after the license is approved, and be ready to start making wagers almost immediately.

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Tiago Downs customer support

The nice thing about the partnership between Tioga Downs Sportsbook Casino and Fanduel is that the customer support that is provided at Fanduel will be the same support this provided to the Tioga Downs Sportsbook app.

Fanduel Sportsbook / Fanduel Sportsbook NY offers a host of fantastic customer support features, including explanations of how the site works, how to open, deposit, and withdraw money from your account, ways you can play, as well as rewards and promotions.

By clicking on any of their 11 customer support links, you are then sent to a page that contains a series of articles that answers just about any question you may have.

However, the Fanduel Online Sportsbook support doesn’t just end there. There is a support button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen that you can click and send a message to the customer support team right away.

This gives you the ability to ask questions or provide feedback on anything you may have concerns or questions about. It is extremely easy to use and is why if one is interested in making wagers using Tioga Downs Online Sports betting 2019 should be an adventurous and fun year.

You can also get assistance should you have issues with the Tioga Downs Betting Mobile app. You can either access support directly from the betting mobile app or contact via phone or email.

Tiago Downs Payment Options

The Tioga Downs Sportsbook will offer what is available using. It is important to note that you are not required to deposit money into your account to open your own customer account, but you will be required to deposit money into your account should you want to begin placing wagers.

Fanduel online Sportsbook accepts deposits using a debit or credit card. For those using a credit card, there is a minimum deposit of at least five dollars, and the processing time is instantaneous. Your funds will be available to you as soon you click to deposit the money into your account.

There are two other options available to you for a deposit at Fanduel Sportsbook / Fanduel Sportsbook NY. This includes wire transfer and the use of your e-wallet.

The e-wallet also requires a five dollar minimum transfer but to use a wire transfer to use the Tioga Downs Sportsbook there is no minimum deposit required.

To withdraw money from your Tioga Downs Sportsbook account, you can either request that it be placed into your PayPal account or you can request it mailed to you via a check. The request to make a withdrawal at Fanduel Sportsbook / Fanduel Sportsbook NY takes just a few minutes and is processed in minutes.

Tiago Downs betting markets

Tioga Downs’ betting markets are going to be open to almost every kind of major college or professional sporting event on the globe. Major sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey will be available to make wagers on, as will golf, boxing, and horse racing.

Also included will be auto racing, MMA, soccer, and most major sporting events during the Olympics will be included. By working with Fanduel, the Tioga Downs Sportsbook will be able to offer just about any wager you wish to make.

Final verdict

The reality is that it may just be a few weeks away until the Tioga Downs Sportsbook New York becomes a reality. Because of their partnership with Fanduel Sportsbook / Fanduel Sportsbook NY, Tioga Downs will be ready to offer sports wagering to customers as soon as their license is approved, which should be weeks, if not days away.

For those wanting to know if they can have confidence in the new Tioga Downs Betting Mobile app, the truth is that since they are using a well-established online sportsbook site such as the Fanduel Online Sportsbook that one can have great confidence in the delivery system and performance.

The partnership between Tioga Downs Sportsbook Casino and Fanduel has been a good one in New Jersey, and there is no reason to believe you won’t see the sportsbook up and running soon.

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