Best Online Slots Strategies

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If you’re looking for consistent success with online slot machines, you need good online slots strategies. The aim of this guide is to provide you with the best online slots tips. Read on to learn how to get started.

How to Beat Slots Machines

Many casual casino fans can find it difficult to find the best slots machines. Regular visitors to land-based or online casinos can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of slots options available. This makes finding the best slots tricky, as well as making it difficult to learn how to win at slots.

It’s easy to fall for the hype, too. Many slots are based on feature the latest cultural hot topics, such as celebrities and film stars. Not only can these be a distraction, but they also add to the falsity that slot machines can’t be used to make profit.

The truth is, they can. With practical knowledge, the best online slots tips and a well-researched strategy, it’s possible that you can beat slots machines and make profit on your stakes.

As with any form of gambling, making profit is difficult. No matter how deep your knowledge of how to win at slots is, it’s extremely likely you’ll lose more often than you win.

Slots machines certainly shouldn’t be considered as ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. However, if you’re sensible, apply a sound staking strategy and conduct your research thoroughly, profits are a possibility.

Online slots strategies are key to successful betting. Let’s discuss some of the most important aspects and online slots tips to help you learn how to win at slots.

Online Slots Strategies

Find Demo Versions of Your Favorite Slots

With most operators offering hundreds of slots options, choosing the one for you is difficult. Learning how a particular slot machine works is also tough, particularly when you’re required to stake funds.

Instead, find demo versions of the slots that interest you. This way, you can learn how that slot machine works, without risking any of your cash. This is also a good way to learn how to win at slots.

Develop a Staking Plan

Onto the second of our online slots strategies. One of the major difficulties when you try to learn how to win at slots online is keeping track of your spending. It’s so easy to stake more than you’re comfortable with when you’re not physically parting with money.

One way you can resist this temptation is to create a staking plan. Before you start playing any online slots games, calculate how much you’re willing to spend. Make sure it’s an amount you can afford to lose.

Make sure you stick to your staking plan. It can be tempting to stake more after a win, but this ultimately will lead to a loss. Any profit you make, keep. Similarly, it can be difficult when you’re losing. There is the temptation to recoup your losses to repel. An important rule that most online gamblers will tell you - never chase your losses.

By sticking to a staking plan, you lower the risk of losing your bankroll and any profits you’ve made. One of the vital rules of online gambling is to keep your discipline.

Find the RTP

Operators are required to provide the RTP, or Return To Player, percentage on all of their online slots games. One of our main online slots tips is to find a machine with a high RTP percentage. You should be looking for slots that have at least 97% RTP.

Calculate the Odds of Winning

This is difficult to do, but working out your odds of winning is one of the most important online slots strategies. By doing so, you can assess how much you should stake, how often you should play and whether a particular machine should be avoided altogether.

How can you calculate your odds of winning on online slots games? One way of doing this is to assess how many winning combinations are available. Once you’ve done this, you can then divide the number of winning combos by how many there are in total.

Be Wary of Jackpot Slots

Now, we’re not saying you should avoid jackpot slots completely - it’s up to you which slots you want to play. However, million dollar jackpots are rarely won, and you can end up losing most of your bankroll on trying to achieve the near impossible.

Winning big is difficult. Instead, concentrate on staking small and winning small. Making any kind of profit, no matter how small, is a bonus.

How do Slot Machines Work?

This sounds like an obvious point to make, but arguably the most important of all online slots strategies is to learn how slot machines work. There are many different kinds of slot machines, which we expect to be available once New York online casinos are introduced.

There are six main types of online slot machines categories. These are displayed in the list below, we’ll discuss each of these in greater detail shortly.

  • 3 Reel
  • 5 Reel
  • 7 Reel
  • 9 Reel
  • Progressive
  • Bonus Slots

Casual bettors will be most familiar with 3 Reel Slots. Known as the Classic Slots, most online casinos offer a good range of this type.

3 Reel slots are popular due to the fact that, most of the time, only small stakes are required to play. This in turn means that jackpot amounts are a lot lower than other types. This shouldn’t put you off, though, particularly if you’re new to casino gambling.

3 Reel versions are a good way of learning how to play slots, without having to stake a great deal. 5 Reel slots tend to require more in the way of stake, but can also reward you with higher winnings.

5 Reels are amongst the most popular in both land-based and online casinos. It’s likely that once online gambling is legalised in New York, operators will offer more 5 Reel slots than any other version.

These versions are more difficult to win. However, with most offering at least 50 Win Lines, it’s easy to see why 5 Reel slots attract huge numbers of bettors.

7 and 9 Reel Slots are relatively rare. Jackpots are greater in value than the more common slots we talked about above, but value can be hard to find.

We recommend that you study online slots strategies in detail before you attempt to play either of these versions.

Progressive and Bonus Slots

Onto Progressive Slots. This version works very differently to the slots we’ve discussed so far. Progressive Slots are amongst the most popular with seasoned bettors, mainly due to the fact that jackpots can reach into the thousands of dollars.

How do the jackpot totals get so high? A percentage of each stake placed goes into the jackpot. Sounds enticing, right? However, be aware that minimum stakes can reach high numbers too.

Bonus opportunities are offered on a number of slot machines. Another of our online slots strategies is to find a machine that offers bonus opportunities. Hitting the Win Line or earning a requested number of Wild Cards can often trigger a bonus.

Best Online Slots Games

The word ‘best’ is subjective. A slot machine one player swears by could be completely wrong for another bettor. There are, though, many aspects that we suggest you consider when choosing an online slot machine to play.

For us, the best online slots games are relatively simple to play, require little in the way of stake and have a high Return To Player percentage.

One of our online slots strategies we talked about earlier advised you to be wary of jackpot slots. The same can be said of some of the most popular slot machines too.

Some variations of the famous Wheel of Fortune, for example, have an RTP of between 95% and 96%. This is lower than what we recommend.

That’s not to say this slot should be avoided. It attracts a huge range of bettors for a reason. Just be aware of the RTP percentage before you start playing, as per our online slots strategies.

It’s also important to consider the RNG of slot machines. Some online slots games use Random Number Generator technology. The machine automatically generates new numbers, regardless of whether the machine is being played at the time.

The following online slots games are all considered to be amongst the best available.

  • Blood Suckers
  • Wolfpack Pays
  • Jack Hammer
  • Warlords
  • Golden Grimoire
  • Devil’s Delight

Slots Machines with the Best Odds

With sportsbook and casino betting, it’s important to find value. The same can be said when you’re looking to play online slots games. Find the games with the highest Return To Player percentage.

Anything over 95% is worth considering, but 97% and above should be your first choices. As part of our online slots tips, we’ve listed some of those slots with the highest RTP value above.

How else can you increase your chances of success? It’s a good idea to look for the best online slots tips, including our own. These can show you in detail how to win at slots, providing you with online slots strategies to employ.

As well as online slots tips, another way you can learn how to win at slots is to take advantage of free and demo versions of the most popular offerings.

You can learn and understand how to win at slots much more quickly by playing a free version. You also don’t have to worry about risking any of your funds.

Talking of funds, start off slowly. When you’re ready to play for real money, it’s a good idea to start by playing with small stakes. This way, the risk of losing all of your bankroll is greatly reduced.

Finding the right operator also makes up part of our online slots tips. Learn how to win at slots with an operator who offers a good variety of machines, with easy-to-use software and high Return To Player percentages.

If you enjoy winning at slots, why not give online roulette a chance as well?

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